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[PC] Ridge Racer DRIFTOPIA (2013) .bbfs


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Hi, I would to create a mod for Ridge Racer Unbounded. Game was released in 2011 by bugbear entertaiment under the Publisher Namco Bandai, in 2013 came out Free-To-Play version of called Driftopia, There was a lot of interesting content that I would like to transfer to Unbounded. But the game lasted only a year and then was completely removed from steam, Someone uploaded the game files to moddb, It can be downloaded but you can not play or unpack. 
The point is that although RRU and RRD 2 the same game, but the archive format they have different RRU has bfs1 format, RRD has bbfs. Similar format has a game Wreckfest, but unpacker from it does not fit
In general, please help unpack the game 😁


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I already wrote to her about it, it's been almost half a year I still haven't gotten a response,
Anyway, there is a old unpacker for Ridge Racer Unbounded, But it doesn't work with Driftopia, it has to be reprogrammed to get results. 

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