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Nicktoons Nitro Arcade .IMG Texture

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Can you decompress the IDAT chunk? Maybe (given the same engine) it uses the same compression as Winter X-Games Snocross? TextureFinder (and the other generic graphics viewers here) just display textures and don't know anything about game-specific compression. Presumably the two uint32's after IDAT are the uncompressed and compressed byte length of the chunk. Despite the similarity in name to the PNG IDAT chunk, it's not PNG because in PNG, the length comes before the fourCC.


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I research this a little, compression TDCB_lzw15v (in qbms)


4BYTE magic(IMG )
UINT dataOFs?
UINT width
UINT height
UINT unk(pixel type?)
UINT numMipMap?
8BYTE chunkLabel(\x00\x00ММIDAT)
UINT chunkSize
while numMipMap:
	UINT pixelSize

UINT chunkLabel(IEOF\x00\x00\x00\x00)

EDIT: i made plugin for qbms and Noesis fmt_UIMG.py

unpack *.IMG using qbms to *.UIMG, and open in Noesis


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HorsePlant: If there are no remaining questions, want to click "Mark as Solution" on Durik's post? (it helps when looking at the list of active posts to know ones are solved already vs which are not)

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