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Need for Speed Pro Street [PS3] - Help for Extract and Insert LANGUAGES file in .bin


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Hello everyone, I'm currently working on porting the translation of Need for Speed Pro Street from PC to PS3. Upon inspecting the files, I noticed that the PC version doesn't have files in containers like the PS3 version does.

While tinkering with the game files, I observed that the .bin files are compressed in some way, and this compression is undone by a file named zdir.bin. I've even found a tool capable of visualizing the game directories by reading this zdir.bin, but unfortunately, it only extracts and doesn't insert files back.

I've noticed that this zdir.bin calls two files: NAMES.HOO, which contains the list of .bin containers, and dat.bin, which seems to be the key to opening these containers. Given my limited programming experience, I need help extracting and reinserting files.

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On 1/5/2024 at 10:58 PM, ZARF said:

no need to repack, the game should work with the extracted files

Only work this in emulator, in real hardware not loading, black screen.

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