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Cart fury champioship racing wms, zif, wdb

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I wrote a Noesis python script to handle the WMS tetxure file
Extract the script to <Noesis folder>\plugins\python

As for the ZIF file, I also wrote this BMS script
CART Fury Championship Racing (PS2) - ZIF decompressor script

This script will decompress the ZIF files to MIF which I presume is the model files as quick glance from opening the files with hex editor shows a WMS filename reference and lots of floating point values.

However this is half the battle, as to get those MIF files loaded in blender, someone needs to come up with the plugin so blender can open the files directly or converter to convert the MIF files to something blender understands like OBJ.

As for WDB files, looks like it's kind just an info file for the WMS/ZIF.

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On 1/4/2024 at 2:38 AM, Gcr27 said:

Thanks guy its possible creating a blender plugin 


Unfortunately I only have a limited (or even basic) understanding in python thus I can't create such things and I don't even really understand the structure of the MIF files.
Hopefully others can chime in.

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I'm trying to open these mif files in 3dsmax or blender I can't convert the files to obj or fbx it seems to be very difficult to open these files I'm trying to look for a solution on the internet or join modding communities that have already worked with this game sorry if I can't do anything alone I'm very new to programming

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