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files *.mesh with Zip_Vert


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Hello everyone, I have *.mesh files (they were compressed using lz4). I can get a mesh from regular files (without zip 16 bytes per vertex [as 4 floats] and 16 bytes  per uv [as 4 halfFloat channels]), but there are those that have ZIP in the name, then there are only 4 bytes per vertex, and on uv like this same 4 bytes. I wrote a script that reads vertices as UBYTE but they are flat, help me understand how to read them correctly. Thank you. (how to use the script, just drag *.mesh(Zip) onto it)





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edit: that's weird. For x and y it works, but not in z-direction, as it would be required. You might need some matrix multiplication.

Ask Durik. ☺️

hmm, start rotate by x until it matches the x-y plane. Then try to scale.

It's probably required to recalculate all coordinates so that the pumkin's center aligns to blender's coordinate center.

("Geometry to origin")

This world/local thing, probably (never got it...😝).

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he he, i dtkn xD

I already answered in discord about this, here is the quote:


Perhaps some bitwise shifts or something like that are needed. or perhaps they used some kind of constant for decompression. I just tried it like ubyte, with 1 byte missing. *and shift the entire buffer by 1 byte) it looks like a mesh, but its scale is wrong and the position of the parts is out of place.

if using "y, z, w" in yor script for (Wing_Crabula_StripAnim_CompOcc_ZipPos_ZipUvs_StripNorm_U.mesh)

*(but for example with Body this will no longer work) **(I also tried different bit shifts, for example x:10,y:10,z:12, but this did not give good results)



I also made a plugin for another guy for this game, only for models without ZipVert

someone did research on hydra for him "these are mesh related functions that i've compiled from Ghidra"

here are the scripts:


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