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[PS2, 2009] Jigoku Shoujo Mioyosuga PTD files extraction (Compile Heart)

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I want to rip from a game released only in Japan on PS2 called "Jigoku Shoujo Mioyosuga" developed by Compile Heart. More info for curious people on the game or franchise : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell_Girl#Video_games or https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps2/961167-jigoku-shoujo-mioyosuga

I've extracted the files from the game and it seems most of the game data is stored in .PTD archives (other files are .PSS that are movies files). There are 11 PTD files and I don't know if they are encrypted or compressed. What I've noticed is that it seems there is a file index table named "PTDALL.PID" which seems to contain the location of files and data but I'm not very familiar with it so I'm not sure. 

Maybe with some bms script it will be possible to extract everything so thanks for the people that will be able to do this.

Download link of the files : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IIgGjkqZBM__VNdzehLaWAFwmuNUGckl/view?usp=sharing. The PTD files are in the DATA folder.

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No problem I understand the filenames and extension problem since it's an obscure japanese game (and I forgot to mention it is a visual novel). After short examination the insight of the PTD content for future reference :

- PTD000.PTD : game images, sprites... some have .tm2 extension but some haven't. The files with 1KB (276 bytes) are small and don't contain anything. For the other files you need to remove the first 24 bytes and rename the new file to .tm2 (so the first bytes of the file are "TIM2").

- PTD001.PTD : game music and sfx

- PTD002.PTD : game text encoded in shift-jis (japanese encoding of text)

- PTD003.PTD : it contains the whole japanese alphabet (kana and kanjis), again in shift-jis but other than that I didn't find anything

- PTD004.PTD, PTD005.PTD, PTD006.PTD, PTD007.PTD, PTD008.PTD, PTD009.PTD, PTD010.PTD : story voices with one archive per chapter (the game has 6 chapters + an epilogue)

- PTD011.PTD : menu voices

The music, sfx and voices can be extracted with PSound so I guess these are VAG. And for .tm2 anyone reading this you can find tons of tools on the web to get .png.

Last thing the bms script extracts with numbers shifted by 1 so PTD003.PTD extracts to JIGOKU_4 etc...

Thanks for the help!

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Yeah, the numbers were shifted by 1 because of the way QuickBMS works - file 0 is PTDALL, file 1 is PTD000, etc.  I haven't checked the files, but if they're all the same type in a specific archive, I can probably amend the script do something with that.  Some of the TIM files are an archive of multiple TIM files, so removing the header and renaming will only show the first one.


EDIT: I've amended the script so that it adds a VAG header to the audio files and splits the files into their archive folders to make it a bit easier.  The audio appears to be 44100 Hz, mono for every file.  However, stereo files for the music are split into 2 separate mono files, again no way to identify which is which without additional info from elsewhere.



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