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[PS2, 2009] Jigoku Shoujo Mioyosuga - Unknown audio file (Compile Heart)

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  • Parasaite changed the title to [PS2, 2009] Jigoku Shoujo Mioyosuga - Unknown audio file (Compile Heart)
47 minutes ago, Parasaite said:

If anyone knows the extension of this audio file and how to play it, please let me know.

JIGOKU_5_2447.zip 87.31 kB · 2 downloads

They are headerless PS ADPCM and don't really have a proper extension as there's no header info.  There's also no way to identify the audio files from the info in the archives, but there may be a table elsewhere.  For these you can create a .txth file using the following info.  Save it as .ext.txth and rename the relevant audio files to *.ext (or whatever extension you want as long as it matches the txth file.  It's not guaranteed that every audio file will be the same either, for example music might be stereo.

codec = PSX
sample_rate = 44100
channels = 1
start_offset = 0
num_samples = data_size




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