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Castlevania:The Arcade (Konami) (2009) (Windows-Based Arcade)


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Hello there. So I have a Noesis script that DKDave fixed up for me last year to read the 3d models; however it is incomplete as I am perplexed on how to add code to read the vertex weights in the character files. It's also unusual, as the data for the skeleton rig and animations are in the DX9 XBin format(.x). I've been able to load up the animations in Ultimate Unwrap 3D pro; some of them also open up in open3mod(only the .x that have meshes embedded in them though) I've reached a wall here as I'm not sure how to get this script to open up the .x file alongside the .clay, or if it is even possible to do so through Noesis. I've attached the script, a couple sample files for the clay and x files, and a 010 template Silent made last year. I'd appreciate any help on figuring this out.


EDIT:Added Silent's import script for Clay files directly into Unity. Figured it should've been added here

Castlevania_CLAY.bt CVArcade Samples.zip castlevania_clay.py

CVArcade Unity Clay Import script.zip

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The skeleton data seems to be in the SKIN segments of the clay file - but each submesh has it's own separate skeleton, so it's a bit of a weird set up.  You would either have to have lots of duplicate bones over all submeshes, or do some fancy reorganising.



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After doing more research, I've been able to get the skeletal rigs from the "LAYER" sections using Skelfinder. However, the SKIN segments have the bones names to attribute to the weights assigned for each mesh. I realized the script does have information on the flat weights, however I find myself at a wall when it comes to writing the segment on setting those bone weights in the file. I have the idea to just get the model exported with the weights, and then merge the skeleton rigs I extract onto them. I'm just stuck when it comes to writing the "RPGBindBoneIndexBuffer" and "RPGBindBoneWeightBuffer" lines.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 191823.png


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