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[PC] PvZ Garden Warfare 1 - Extracting .DXTEXTURE format textures (Frostbite 3 Engine)

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Recently, I've been attempting to rip the textures from the original Garden Warfare game, and I've run into a problem when trying to rip the Envmap textures with Frosty Editor.

You see, when Frosty Editor exports cubemap textures, what normally happens is that Frosty will cut the image into six parts for each axis of the cubemap. However, Frosty has this weird quirk when it comes to certain cubemap textures, as one image will export normally, however the other five will appear as a scrambled mess as shown in the image below. (Note that px is normal)


And here is roughly how it is meant to look in game, note the reflection on the Hot Rod Chomper's head.


My theory as to why this happens (bare in mind my pitifully low Frostbite Engine knowledge) is due to Garden Warfare 1 using the .DXTEXTURE format for it's textures (unlike Garden Warfare 2 which uses the .TEXTURE format), which lays out it's cubemaps in a different way to how the .TEXTURE format does, however Frosty treats these as the same file format and does not accommodate for the DXTEXTURE's different cubemap layout.

So, does anyone know an alternative way to rip .DXTEXTUREs from Frostbite 3 games? I could try to supply some samples but I'm new to the forums and I'm not sure if that's allowed here or not (also I'd have to identify and label all the chunk files and like 1 PM over here currently).

Thank you all in advance.

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