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Asphalt 9 Legends (.jmodel) dump

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I wanna extract Asphalt 9 .jmodels file from the latest and recent version of the game e.g. v4.4.0k but the files manifest.map and BigChillGhost's Asphalt 9 dumping script only supports v3.6.3a. Any chance to update the script since I have it as backup and have no prior knowledge about dumping new manifest from A9 latest version?

Here's the tool and necessary files that was made by BigChillGhost

Also one file that is totally corrupted after using renaming script which was this sample link which has 46kb of fbx. idk how it causes it.

A9Tool_v1.4.6.7z manifest.7z restoreFileHierarchy.py

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updated the file link text and needed explanation why and how Vanda_Dendrobium.jmodel got corrupted by having fbx file size of 46kb after the game was dumped.
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I only remember that he posted a topic or a guide on how to dump android games e.g. Asphalt 9 for updated manifest.map, but I couldn't backed up that topic on time. I'm just gonna wait till he responds.

edit: ok? ig he doesn't care about Asphalt 9 dumping anymore or so.

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