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Reverse Model Wireframe


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Long story short, this is just a presentation of the progressive achievement with months of work on reconstruction & reimplementation of my quadrify algo previously posted on xentax a few years ago. Think I can put an end to it now.

Original uv:




(before patching):




(after patching):






For this specific test the result has reached 100% of accuracy.

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What an amazing post, I have hoped, and so happy to see you finally joined, and as a first post on your behalf, this is the most rewarding one to see, the results are amazing, thank you for not forgetting about it, it was awaited for a long time indeed.

I cant express enough how happy i am seeing this, so many models out there need this revolutionary solution you have shared with us initially, years ago.

I will continue patiently to wait for anything you are willing to make of it so we, the end users can give it a test run.


Thank you.

Edited by Dr. Sheldon Cooper
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