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[PSVITA] Xblaze Code:Embryo data_nocomp.psarc file


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Hello, there is a game called Xblaze Code:Embryo in the psvita version of the game it stores it's content in two files:

1. data_comp.psarc (wich contains stuff like scripts, texts, voice files, sprites, etc

2. data_nocomp (wich contains the ost for the game and sfx)

The problem is with data_nocomp.psarc as when i try to extract with any psarc extractor it says: "Compression type is not zlib" are there any tools that extract .psarc files with other compression types not just zlib?

 Here's the file: https://mega.nz/file/dQpVmA5J#KI-G5YZg4R8oipK_gKM-3b6l9oSr95VvOVme78bWuws

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