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[PC] Outlast .bnk


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Im pretty sure there is no public tool to work with WWise audio when it comes to reimport, but I may be wrong. All tools I know of require you to make replacement .wem using WWise directly.

See this tutorial on how you could use this approach.

We have a proprietary tool for direct reimport without WWise... Would share it but cant... I may try to write some things about it at some point if someone doesnt come sooner (probably wont, considering how much WWise is used in games by now and there seems to be 0 things relevant to the topic...)

Outlast was first game we tested the tool with so it definitely works for it.


We dubbed whole game with it and have some more planned.

Guess second half of this is not that helpful, just wanted to put out there I suppose that it is doable and there is something for it, just not public... Not yet anyway and unsure if it ever will be from us.

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