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Dishonored 2 Tools


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Here are the two tools necessary for models:

1. A bms script necessary to unpack the game archives into individual files (I think the same as the link above, but the link doesn't seem to work any more).

2. A blender 2.83 add-on for importing models and maps. There is a text document with usage instructions included. It also includes a texture converter executable, and automatically uses it to process the necessary textures.

Note that IIRC you should extract all archive files into the same directory, or you could run into some kind of issues when importing some maps and/or models, but I don't remember any details any more.

dishonored2.bms.zip io_scene_Dishonored2-v2_02.zip.rar

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On 6/9/2024 at 5:48 AM, Flinnty_d2 said:

Do you have any idea why I would be getting this error? I'm pretty sure I installed the add-on correctly, but whenever I go to import a model I get this same error message.

Wrong Blender version.  Tools are made for 2.83.

But i have question of my own.

On some maps I get the "could not import" error (while entities would appear normal). Like return to Dunwall or Bunker high chaos, same error is on area before mines in DoTO.


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