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Street Fighter EX 3 (PS2) Reverse Enginering


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Hello all, fellow gamers and game hackers.
I am a big fan of Street Fighter EX serie, when I heard that Street Fighter EX 3 on PS2 had full debug symbols
I Immediately opened the SFEX3 PS2 executable on IDA PRO to verify that, and to my surprise all functions names are here. so I thought on the possibility to decompiling the game and port it to PC, that's how GTA3 was reverse engineered and decompiled.
so I am searching if anyone is interested or know some people that are interested in reverse engineering and porting SFEX3 to PC and other platform or at least help me extract 3D models and understand their format.

I dumped all SFEX3 functions names in a text file that I attached to this post so feel free to read it and comment out if you find anything familiar.


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