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Metal Gear Solid 4 .ssp audio extraction from .dat

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So various sounds from MGS4 single player (weapons\footsteps\foley) are stored inside .ssp files which can be played with foobar2000 vgstream. The problem is that most of it is packed inside a sdpack.dat which i cannot extract. The contents seems to be already known:


And there is a tool that can extract .dat, but it doesnt work on sdpack.dat specifically. It seems to be aware of the .ssp format though:


Looking at the headers of the sdpack.dat and common .ssp files with HxD i can see that the header looks similar, but alas, the .dat cannot be loaded into foobar. I've attached sdpack_n.dat from Metal Gear Online 2 and two .ssp files from MGO2/Metal Gear Arcade.

Ando here is a link to sdpack.dat from MGS4 just in case:


Any help would be appreciated, maybe someone has the files already extracted to share.

sdpack_n.7z on_slot_ex1_mrl.7z on_slot_sna.7z

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So i managed to cut a single .ssp file from sdpack_n.dat and it plays fine. I loaded both sdpack_n.dat and on_slot_sna.ssp into HxD and compared them. And it looks like the .dat is just .ssp files going one after another. If you copy the first block which is 0 - 337FF or length 33800 into a new file and add .ssp extension you will get the same on_slot_sna.ssp i uploaded.

Unfortunately writing a fancy .dat extractor is beyond my comprehension. But i guess thats one way to get audio.


Voice lines are extractable too, they are also .ssp files packed into .spc files which are in speech.dat. But its a little different from sdpack.dat in way that each voice line is in a separate .ssp, so it takes forever to get them with HxD, but doable...



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On 1/30/2024 at 7:16 AM, DKDave said:

You can use this basic QuickBMS script to extract the files from SDPACK.DAT (103 files) and SPEECH.DAT (8808 files).



sspf.zip 403 B · 7 downloads

sorry sir, do you remember what script did you upload ?

Or, May I ask what it was?

oh, sorry, nothing

I could'nt see your file without logging in. I got it now!

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