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Granblue Fantasy Relink

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Would love to have help trying to extract contents from the game, but files are stored in "data" files.
data.0 and data.1 seems to be game files (Data.1 is the biggest at 61.1gb)
data.2 might be a file to use for a future DLC files, since it's 0kb
data.3 looks like some kind of table for UI elements
data.i is most likely for directory information? I'm not quite sure.

I have attached data.0, data.3, and data.i inside a 7z for others to check out

Granblue Fantasy Relink.7z

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An early release is now available.

Many paths are yet to be found and I don't have the patience for it personally. If anyone wants to contribute, the path to hash matcher is at 0x1406F8380 if anyone wants to sit through the entire game (executable from before feb 3 update)

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