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Apollo Justice Trilogy (.mes) Mesh File

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Hi there, I have some mesh files with the extension .mes from the switch version of Apollo Justice Trilogy. Attached is a zip with some example files and two screenshots of me sorting them out in model researcher.

First 8 bytes are some magic/ver indicator maybe. Followed by 4 bytes for the total file length. 

The offset value at 0x48 is where verts start. Skip 0x80 at this offset for the floating points I dunno what the starting data of that section entails. 
Faces were done just by looking at it in a hex editor, i'm trying to sort out the header format and what the 52ish bytes at 0xB indicate.

I have no idea how to figure out the submeshes and mesh naming as well as uvs... Would appreciate some help and/or pointing towards a tool 🙏 I tried a couple RE engine mesh tools since the game uses it but nothing really works and idk the format...





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Doesn't look too hard to me; there's 141 occurrences of 0000 0100 0200 (start of face indices blocks).

The vertex blocks of the sub meshes seam to follow one after the other?

The assumed magic table (see bottom of pic) needs to be interpreted.



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