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Attempting to extract UE5 Game files from (pakchunk0-Windows.ucas or pakchunk0-Windows.pak) using QuickBMS


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Hi, I've been trying to extract audio files from an unreal engine 5.3 project game, which has been giving me a lot of trouble, Since I'm no programmer, and unskilled in anything programming related I've been going crazy trying to figure it out, my current step is trying to generate a .bms scripit which would allow me to proceed with the extraction but everytime i read the documentation I lose my mind, Is there anyone who has knowledge about this and wouldn't mind giving me a helping hand ? Thanks in advance, Would love to provide any additional information if required.

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3 hours ago, Rejmont said:

Now, Fmodel allows you open and view the files, but not extract them as audio in many cases, because some of them are inside unreal

Extract some sound file using Fmodel and send it to me. I'll take a look.

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4 hours ago, Rejmont said:

What format do you want them in since they come in binka/json/uasset etc


In UE I saw only sounds that WWISE (wem) and UASSET (ogg). There may be others, but I don't know about them. Send me some different files and I will try to help.

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