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Crimson Tears PS2 (.LDP & .DAR)


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Crimson Tears is an obscure little title for the Playstation 2 that fascinated me.

Back on XenTax (when it was still active), Durik256 managed to crack a bit of progress with getting at least one of the model formats readable to a degree, but with heavily broken UVs/materials and no skeleton. (You can download his old script here!) I doubt anyone else would be interested in trying to help out since I'm not exactly a coder but I have a weird appreciation for this little game and have actively been working on a sort of fangame based on it that's also coincidentally a crossover and I still think getting a hold of the character models of the main 3 playable characters would still be sweet.cttokio.thumb.png.7793ac5c3a02effbcd3926728f4042c8.png 

here's me just messing with Tokio's model with the script I saved from my topic (I dunno if I can even share it here or not after reading the recent rules) trying to reconstruct him a bit more manually.


And here's a zip with all the files from the player directory, the converted model in the screenshot is .LDP, Currently with help from people on discord, we've managed to find out that it's DAR is some sort of container for various files that may or may not be associated with Lightwave 3D (.LCA, .LFM) and various animation data. 

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Added credits, Script author from the XenTax forums was found!
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I analyzed "ask0.ldp"(fisrt mesh) it looks like this. But I am not sure about UVs, they could be half float or short.  UVs offset could be 0x730 or 0x734 I did not check..

In almost all PS2 models, faces are autogenerated so there is no faces data. Skeleton is at the end of the file but I am not good with bones format, lol.

I hope this helps


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github: fmt_ldp.py

old_Xentax_topic: Re: Crimson Tears (PS2)

While inspecting the files, they seemed very familiar. I decided to perform a search throughout the PC and found the plugin I had made in the past. 


On 2/21/2024 at 6:52 AM, Mario123311 said:

Someone managed to crack a bit of progress with  ...

I think it is necessary to indicate who it is..

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