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曙光之城 mmorpg

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Hello everyone! I wanna know if is possilble to get the meshes ( .mesh ogre meshes) and textures  (.dds) from this main file what I know so far is what einherjar007 told me, it is compressed with lz4 and zipped too. This is what einherjar007 says about the file: 

In the meantime, I'll guess the lz4 header and cut the file, so you can find the end of the file yourself. All you have to do is find the file that comes next. And as for the ones that can be unzipped without error, that means the end of the file is the proper end of the file as lz4.

Im uploading the lz4 script that he sends to me and a how the mesh structure looks like, textures are .dds.


Really hope someone can extract the meshes and textures! thanks fo read!

lz4 script + mesh sample.zip

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