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FIFA 2001 (PC) *.rav - Help me figuring out the face indices


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I already figured out the vertices in the Model Researcher Pro. But I needed help for the face indices (If you guys can also help me with the UV maps that would be great too).
For some reason, EA decided to randomize its sequences and also some of the indices refers to the numbers that was exceeding the vertices range causing MRP to threw a fit about mismatch of faces and vertices.
Here I attach one of the rav files

EA used this format in FIFA games from 99 (or 2000?) until 2002, at least on PC.

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I quickly looked again, most likely duplicates are indicated after the faces (submeshes), but I don’t know how to use duplicates in this case, more time needs to be spent on this. I disassembled the structure and made a plugin, it opens all rav (point cloud). maybe someone else can help you.


*(By the way, there are some submeshes that have the same number of vertices and UVs. for example qaud, all sky etc.)

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