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Ace Racing resource files


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I have been researching Ace Racing file resources for almost more than a year. Before quitting the game, I successfully unpacked the models, textures and audio through the tools of the boss. However, there is a type of file that I still can’t figure out what they are. , this kind of file also appears in other Messiah engine game files.

Such as Diablo, Knives Out, Tianxia, Yimengjianghu, etc.

Such files usually start with a common E2 byte

I need an exact answer what file type they are and I can't unzip or decrypt such files without being able to unzip and decrypt of course

For example, you can say that it is a binary file that cannot be decompressed and you cannot tell what type it is.

If that's the case, I'll feel relieved

If it can be viewed and decompressed please tell me how should I handle such files

I have attached a compressed package, which contains some files of this type. Please help me analyze it.

Sample file.zip

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