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build a skeleton from bone length


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Hi all. I'm trying to build a skeleton. what is available: the bone has only the index of the parent and the length of the bone. rotations are in animation (euler angles). I take the first frame from the animation. There is a program called biturn that builds the skeleton correctly (in the screenshots). how to do this correctly? my best result and plugin attached. thank you in advance)🥹



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1 hour ago, shak-otay said:

Seems you're having a 90 degrees problem with the lower 6 bones:


how did you get this result? I've tried so many different options that I'm already confused. xD

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Posted (edited)
44 minutes ago, shak-otay said:

Which are the values of biturn?

(as far as I understand, in this case the length of the bone is its position).  because logically, you need to rotate the bone and then add the position of the parent, but this doesn’t work(


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@Durik256: as always you're on the right track. Your script gives the same result as biturn (X, Z swapped, though).

(Ah, wait, and the minus is "missing" from Y.)

0 286.875 4.746 344.443
1 13.096 353.584 30.674
2 54.316 0.000 0.000
3 298.740 291.182 66.182
28 4.482 79.805 196.348
29 350.947 47.900 179.824
30 78.926 0.000 0.000
31 347.168 352.617 1.582

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@shak-otay: in my example above, I completely repeated the biturn values, creating the bone as position [0,0,lenght] and rotation [Z,-Y,X] and it worked for the small skeleton, but not for the humanoid 🙂

I'm too already confused. I just started going through the options, some give results similar to the original. xD

rot = NoeAngles([X, Z, Y]).toMat43().inverse()
pos = NoeVec3([0,0,lenght])





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