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[PC] Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Steam QuickBMS scripts

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While looking over an old script for unpacking the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD files I noticed a lot of files were missing. I had updated an old script by chrrox to not only include all files but unzip them as well. I included a few other scripts, an app and a 010 template for the game models made by others in an attempt to centralize information about the game systems.

Start with using suzaku.bms on the WIN\JP\suzaku.fnd file.

Export to a directory NOT within the WIN\JP folder.

This will unpack and unzip everything including the English language audio and texture files (previously unfound).

Texture .dds files can be opened with Noesis. Chr model bin files can be opened in the UniViewer_U2 (app included in zip).

Audio .scd files can be played in FooBar2000 with the vgmstream plugin (not included).

The file packing system is a little messy so multiples of the same files can sometimes be found.

Because of this, allow QuickBMS to rename files when unpacking and not overwrite them.

Also inculded are 5 other scripts for unpacking other types of files.

 - textures.bms
For JP\system\sugimoto\ textures.bin / weathertex.bin files.

 - se_pac.bms
For JP\sound\sepack files.

 - hfm.bms
For files with the hfm\x00 magics. Can sometimes leave data behind but should get most of the files packed.

 - subtitle_pac.bms
For JP\movie\subtitle files.

 - menu_pac.bms
For JP\menu\main\dat files, JP\__\savedata\for_show\GAMEDATA00\ TYPE0DAT.BIN / TYPE0SYS.BIN files. Might be useful on others but didn't check everything.

Also included is a 010 template of the game models by Echelo. And a decryptor by AyuanX for some files.


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I'm getting this error: 

- open input file C:\Users\jaker\Downloads\Final Fantasy Type 0 HD\pack0.pac
  0000000066c6b3fc 55760      GL\sound\wave\incert_demo\vo_demo_cut7159_01_02.scd

Error: incomplete input file 3: C:\Users\jaker\Downloads\Final Fantasy Type 0 HD\pack0.pac
       Can't read 55760 bytes from offset 0000000066c6b3fc.
       Anyway don't worry, it's possible that the BMS script has been written
       to exit in this way if it's reached the end of the archive so check it
       or contact its author or verify that all the files have been extracted.
       Please check the following coverage information to know if it's ok.

  coverage file 3     0%   0          1074473443 . offset 0000000066c6b3fc

Last script line before the error or that produced the error:

- OFFSET       0x0000000066c6b3fc
- SIZE         0x000000000000d9d0
  coverage file 0    91%   1461442    1590870    . offset 0000000000184656
  coverage file 1    99%   2537184    2538272    . offset 000000000026bb20
  coverage file 2     0%   58608      1074473443 . offset 0000000000000000
  coverage file 3     0%   0          1074473443 . offset 0000000066c6b3fc


Please help me.

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