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Naraka Bladepoint

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I have seen a few models from Naraka Bladepoint on DA, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to successfully port models into 3DS Max or Blender? I've got NinjaRipper 2 but it doesn't like the anticheat system that it uses but the DA posts linked to the old forums which no longer exist, so I was hoping that someone here could assist either with the program, BMS file or python scripts so I could give it a crack. I know that Foobar works on audio, but I dunno bout the models. Was hoping to render my avatar in some kick ass poses 😛


Thanks in advance!

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Thank you 😄


I loaded it into the QuickBMS and pointed it to the EXE but it just reports back an error on line 14. I'm not that tech savvy when it comes to program code. I've used code for BMS before and it spews out loads of FBX files and JPG/PNG as textures that Noesis and Blender can read, but may need some guidance here if that is okay? Is Naraka Unreal Engine? I thought it was Unity?

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