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Warzone Mobile .shard


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4 minutes ago, arenoo said:

Where did you find an encrypted manifest file?

It's not the AndroidManifest.xml file, the one I threw down is in the split_asset_pack\assets\shard\ folder

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Oh yeah found it. Well Im trying to acheive the same goal as you. Right now Im trying to reverse engineer their encryption algorithm but I barely have any progress.Maybe you have some useful info?

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Well that must be because they are encrypted too. Btw my xpak cache is only 14mb and I dont have the .xpakdata files (the ingame downloaded cache), where did you get yours? So atleast in my case I doubt there are images there and they must be in shard_cache (5gb) instead. 


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Apparently the game downloads different files for different phones, one person I know has the game at 39 gb.

The 24.xpak file is a 24.range file, I renamed it to try and open it in Greyhound. 

The manifest.json probably has data on the .shard files. The .shard files with IWffn100 in the signature don't look like something encrypted, there is some clear structure there, some of them look like KAPIs (xpak)

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