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[Xbox] Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge (.bin)

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A BMS script already exists to unpack CS:HRTR's .bin archives.

However I believe it may not 100% work as intended.

When it was first created (from what I remember) the BMS extracted everything, but the audio .wav files didn't play back. An update from the original creator fixed it, but the rest of the file formats remain unusable. This means that .tga textures for example need to be reversed - but it is entirely possible that might not be needed, if the BMS can properly extract their header information. This, I believe, is missing from every other file format in .bins extracted with the BMS script - except for .wav.

I've verified this is likely the case by extracting the same texture from one of the .bin files, and a default.zip that is also located in the game's folder. The .bin texture is unusable without reversing it through Noesis, but the .zip texture works fine.

Attached is a .bin from the game which contains the mentioned texture (default_rt). Additionally I've included both the .bin and .zip texture extracted in separate folders, and the .bms script that is currently being used.



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