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(PC) Beyond Two Souls Demo

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i've always wanted to rip this game because of the nostalgia,so i decided to download the demo version of the game and when i clicked "browse local files" on steam to check the files, i came across a file that has an extension which is .DAT. Do you guys have any scripts for it? Becasue i really want to rip that game so much.

Any help would be appreciated.

Screenshot 2024-04-08 104318.png

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51 minutes ago, andreagtacj said:

How am i suppose to download the extractor on the first link, if the file is dead? 

Also, the second link is just coding.

Do i have to code it for myself?

The first link is to a thread discussing game reverse engineering, I think you can definitely find something useful, but most of the links are really dead.
Following the second link, you can find a program for unpacking game archives, here is the build:


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