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Otome Visual Novel BMS scripts + Noesis plugin

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I have a small collection of old BMS scripts and a Noesis plugin I just wanted to drop here to share and preserve. These were mainly created to convert texture formats and other files from visual novels such as Cupid Parasite, Taisho x Alice, etc. using the formats CL3, TID, PAK, etc.

Noesis Python plugin for CL3 TID Noesis python plugin - tex_IdeaFactory_cl3_tid_BABA.zip

BMS script for Taisho x Alice PAK Taisho x Alice.zip

BMS script for Hakuouki Reimeiroku Nagorigusa *.mp_ hakuouki_mp.zip

BMS script for Cupid Parasite RTEX cupipara.zip

BMS script for MEMFS and MEMBODY memfs_membody.zip

BMS script for BFSTM bfstm.zip


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