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Max Payne 1 and 2 - KFExport.dle / KFMaterial.dlt

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What is KFExport.dle and is it part of official Max Payne modding tools, and any help in export character models/weapons/skeletal animations using 3ds Max?

The importer/exporter is also included in an old program called Milkshape 3D, but it's not working.

Someone is reimplemanting/decompiling the plugins to port to new versions of Autodesk 3ds Max or Maya: https://github.com/m0nstr0/max_payne_kf_plugins/

When I try to save or load vertex weights in *.txt I get an error named "--Unable to convert: undefined to type: string". I have a copy of 3ds Max v5.1 Service Pack 1 and Character Studio 4.1.


maxpayne2_3dsmax_plugins.rar maxpayne1_3dsmax_plugins.rar

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