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Inferno: The Odyssey Continues (1994, MS-DOS)


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I'm currently having a look at the MS-DOS game “Inferno: The Odyssey Continues” to extract all of the 3D models.

The game isn't the best, but the 3D models as environments have a nice aesthetic.

No luck so far in getting my way into the game files. I hope this thread will maybe be used to show progress.


Gameplay videos (time set to 3D parts)


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Here's a QuickBMS script I've put together to extract the content of the DID.DAT file.

No idea yet if the content of each file is encrypted. Other .DAT files require a different QuickBMS script that I haven't yet written.

# Inferno DAT
# script for QuickBMS http://aluigi.org

get OFFSET long
get NB_ELEMS short
get NB_DIRS short
get NB_FILES short
get TOTAL_LEN short

for i = 0 < NB_DIRS
  get LEN byte
  getdstring STRINGS[i] LEN
next i

for i = 0 < NB_FILES
  get LEN byte
  getdstring STRINGS2[i] LEN
next i

for i = 0 < NB_ELEMS
  get UNK long
  get FILE_OFFSET long
  get FILE_LEN long
next i


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