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[PC] Moorhuhn Kart Extra .obj files

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Without said amk.obj noone can tell. edit: found it:


- search for 000001000200
- get start address of face indices: 0x24f39
- the DWord before that address is:
  size of FIs' block: 0x192C = 6444 dec.
- count of FIs is 6444/2= 3222

- load amk.obj into hex2obj, enter FIs' address and count
- press go1 button
- scroll down in left lower window to find
- vertex count: 876

- size of vertex block: 876x36= 31536 dec.= 0x7B30

- search for 307B0000, add 8 to found address 1D3ED ->
  1D3F5 is start of vertex block

- enter params into hex2obj, press 'mesh' button, done


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13 hours ago, MaxBOOST said:

but i don't understand 

go to the tutorial section


just a crude hack to load all meshes from *obj:: fmt_obj.py

*(Ideally, you would need to change the file extension to avoid format conflicts in Noesis)

Без имени-2.png

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