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Math Rabbit RSC files.


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I have this old game (https://readerrabbit.fandom.com/wiki/Reader_Rabbit_Math_Adventures_Ages_6-9) that I'd like to extract some textures from. Pretty new to reverse engineering file formats and would love some help.
My current hexpat:

import std.io;
import std.mem;
import std.string;

u32 SECTOR_SIZE = 512;
u16 fileInfoOffset @ 0x000000EA;

struct FileEntry {
    u16 sector_offset;
    u16 sector_length;
    u16 sector_offset2;
    u16 sector_length2;

struct FileEntryInfo {
    u16 id;
    char type_name[4];   
    u16 [[hidden]];

FileEntry fileTable[while(std::mem::read_unsigned($, sizeof(FileEntry)) != 0)] @ 254;
u32 fileCount = sizeof(fileTable) / sizeof(FileEntry);

FileEntryInfo infoTable[fileCount] @ fileInfoOffset * SECTOR_SIZE;

This is for the "RSC" file the game uses (Sample files attached are rsc files i think contain image files.)

Thanks for any help in advance! Again I'm also trying to learn so any tips are always appreciated!


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