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Team Sonic Racing [levels]


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so there is a tool out there for character models, lll link to it, but im interested in levels and its models, i tried loading the levels in the tool but it did not work, can anyone help me out with the maps and file structure?

Tool that works for characters: https://gamebanana.com/tools/games/6475?

and here is a level as a sample
: https://we.tl/t-YtqugkRBVU


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18 hours ago, shak-otay said:

Imho you're better off to search in Archives "Old forget data" for xentax backups. There you may find the thread where akderebur posted his tool.

You may find infos about  level handling, if any.

Or maybe a hint how to contact him.


akderebur on github

i will try that yes

thank you


meantime anyone interested can try and help, ill post an update if i get anywhere


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