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Horizon Forbidden West PC - Complete Model/Animation Extractor


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I'm excited to share a new tool I developed for extracting game assets from Forbidden West. If you've ever tried modding this game, you know the existing tools are a nightmare. So, I built something to make our lives a bit easier.

Here's what it does:

  • Automatically extracts all models, textures, and animations from Forbidden West.
  • Gathers and merges all skeletal meshes into ASCII files for easy use in Blender—yes, it comes fully rigged!
  • Compiles all robot data and meshes.
  • Creates helper files for robot skeletons.
  • Organizes everything neatly into a “Final” folder.

This tool uses the one from id-daemon from this post. Without it this tool would not work! It is already included in the zip file below.


Just double-click HorizonExtractor.exe after you set the path to your LocalCacheWinGame in the decima.ini file located in the Tools folder.

The tool does its magic, brute-forcing its way through the files (planning to refine this!), and leaves you with organized subfolders in an “Extraction” folder:

  • Final: All your combined models, textures, and materials.
  • RawExtracted: Contains folders named after the hex codes of extracted files, along with their content. If you are interested in the raw game data this is where you can find everything. It will also contain non-skeletal meshes like map geo, static weapon models and projectiles
  • RawUnextracted: Here, you'll find folders representing each unextracted file, labeled by hex code. Best to leave this one alone
  • Combination: This is where the tool fetches and assembles additional data needed for each model.

If the tool crashes or something seems off, just restart it. It's smart enough to figure out where it left off.


Command-Line Arguments:

You can use these arguments to control specific aspects of the extraction process:

  • extractraw: Extract raw files only. Ignore combining and animation extraction
  • meshcombine: Is used with "extractraw". If set models will also be combined.
  • anims: Extract and convert animations. Will be applied to any extracted model
  • combine: Combine a single specified model.

Example to extract and combine a single mesh like a robot:

HorizonExtractor.exe -combine -anims 3C65

This is probably the only command you will need as it will fully extract a character,robot or any other mesh and put it in the "Final" folder. This can be used without the need to extract everything beforehand. The tools will automatically extract only the needed groups.

If you already extracted a lot of files and just want to see what you already extraced you can use the tool like this to combine the currently extracted meshes without extracting the rest:

HorizonExtractor.exe -meshcombine


Included in the package is a Blender Addon script to help load the models, especially since the existing scripts struggle with certain weights. I also added it as an attachment to this post.
I'm also tinkering with a version that extracts animations, but it's still a bit buggy, so I’m holding off on releasing that for now.

Heads up: The extraction can take a while, and it runs multi-threaded, so your PC might sweat a bit!


Just a reminder, I originally created this tool for my own use, so please bear with any hiccups.
Let me know how it works for you, or if you encounter any issues!


If you actually encounter any dont hesitate to write me on discord, username zindea

Why does this tool even have a logo? I honestly don't know. I guess its a Apex Extractor or something 💀


Screenshot 2024-06-18 210858.png











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Posted (edited)
On 6/20/2024 at 9:15 AM, gamer19771356 said:

Please also publish animation extraction tool

Its included now within the HorizonExtractor.exe. Just choose whatever robot or model you want and execute it like in the post:


HorizonExtractor.exe -combine -anims HEXCODE

Just replace HEXCODE with the hex code of the model group

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On 7/14/2024 at 1:47 AM, DigitalHax said:

Is it possible to extract video files?, I think the main menu is a video file on repeat and wanted to extract it so it doesn't have the menu list and game logo over it.

No not with this one. Its an extension to the tool id-daemon made which combines 3D meshes and reextracts models to make extraction work easier

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