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Need for Speed No Limits .sb3d models.


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Python script header reads "blender": (2, 80, 0) but then Python module "zstandard is missing" pops up.

Newer blender version required for the script to work.


Uvs seem to be missing, yes. What did GreenTrafficLight say about them?

If you uncomment these lines (not # Set uv, of course) some uvs are correct, those of the hood for example.

            # Set uv
            #uv = mesh.uv_layers.new()
            #for i in range(0, len(indices)):
                #for v in range(0, 3):
                    #mesh.uv_layers[uv.name].data[(i * 3) + v].uv = (texCoords[indices[i][v]][0], 1 - texCoords[indices[i][v]][1])
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