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Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Nintendo Switch) - Custom LZW algorithm?

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Hello. I have trouble with finding out how to decompress chunk of data that can be found in some phyre files of Dragon Quest Builders 2 for Nintendo Switch. It seems like they are using LZW.

Header always starts with 3 bytes - 0x78, 0x2, 0x1

Dictionary always starts with range of 128 bytes from 0x0 to 0x7F, then it starts adding new entries to dictionary from with shorts like 0x180, 0x181, etc. After some point this scheme breaks.

I am guessing that this data uncompressed should contain pointers, sizes and formats of each texture inside that phyre file since they are nowhere else available.

In attachments I'm sending copied compressed data to separate file.

Also screenshot how this looks like. I think from 0x235 there is first data that is not appended to dictionary.



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