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(Help!) AQUARIUM - The Hololive VN [.pac files]


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Hello, can anyone make some script for the AQUARIUM (The Hololive VN) game from Hololive Visual Novel. Game using .PAC system files.? 

I just want to make translation to my local language.

I used this but file can't extracted, maybe that tools for old engines, not for lastest engine version. I attach the some Pac files for sample.

I assume the game using Softpal ADV Engine, Rahu Engine, or NeXAS engine.

Thanks for helping.

Sorry for my bad-bad English.


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Thank you, but using X-Ripper, i can extract the image, but you can't extract the bin file of Script.pac file.
(When I opened the Script.pac file using GARbro, I saw the bin file.)

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