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fmt_MarvelsAvengers2020_31.7z 1.0.0

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About This File

Noesis script for meshes and textures of Marvel's Avengers 2020

- geometry
- multiple UV channels
- skeletons/skin (test)
- textures
- multiple textures in single file (usually standart and HD)
- split LODs (use pugin versian 29, version 25 outdated, left just as archive. )

Does not work:
- some textures

update 16.09.2020
- skeletons/skin (test)
- script for skeleton searching
- multiple textures in single file

update 19.09.2020
- split LODs (use pugin version 29, version 25 outdated, left just as archive. )

update 01.10.2020
improved texture support

update 14.10.2020
support LOD's number for submesh.
Now script load ONLY LOD1 (with max detalization).
You can load all LODs - edit script for it
string 30

LoadOnlyLod1 = True
set to

LoadOnlyLod1 = False
Some models has lod0, added its extraction to parametr LoadOnlyLod1

Extracting characters with skeleton:
place skeleton file to folder with model,
skeleton name must be strictly "skeleton.maskl".
Skeleton be found in DTPData folder. It's just a renamed *.dtp file

You can use skeleton_finder.py tool for search "skeleton"'s file.
Just edit "search_dir = "D:\\marvel\\drm_unp"" to your path - script check dpd files, copy and renamed its to "skeleton_XXX.maskl" in same folder.
The script may not find all the files, or it may mistakenly recognize some of them. It doesn't fully parse the file structure - it just looks for similar ones.

For some models, skeletons need to be looked for in other "DRM" folders.
You can use noesis to view skeletons structure.

Thanks (Nicknames taken from Xentax) :
Dazzy - for researching the skeleton structure
Based on Gh0stBlade's script for Tomb Raider

Game Name

Marvel's Avengers
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Thank you so much for your help in assisting with these tools. I really would love a visual guide on how to extract the models step by step since there doesn't seem to be any online. I'm trying to gather all the MCU skins. 

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