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[Wii] James Cameron's Avatar: The Game


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This version of game is different from the PC version.
She uses the Jade engine.
I unpacked the .bf archive using the sally_bf.bms script.
Then I unpacked the .bin files with just_dance_bin.bms and got files without extension.
Here are the sample files

start of file:

start of file

I added the .bin extension to one file: Noesis, jadepack, bin repacker do not open it.
Persian rug open it, but does not extract the mesh, and the textures are corrupted.

Sample of corrupted texture:


Also I found in hex editor bones, if that would be helpful:


Maybe someone will want and be able to write a script to import meshes with bones and textures into Noesis or Blender, because i'm not good at this. Thanks.

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