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[PC] Broken Sword 1 DC - bitmap font

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I need some advice on how to edit the font (game subtitles) in an older game where the font is like an image (bitmap). I need to edit the font because of the different character set used to translate the game text. I can edit a font saved separately in TTF format, but a bitmap font is a new thing for me.

I used the MummGGTool. The result is an image in the shape of a narrow strip with letters. What is strange to me is that the letters have different slants and some are split. I was able to compensate for the slope in some of the letters by changing the width of the image (see image). Some of the letters do line up, but they remain split.


Following the advice on this site, I've managed to find and import a file containing this font, but I don't know what to do next with the image, how to edit it.
Can anyone advise?

Import BS1 DC.zip

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I played with photoshop for a long time, but I finally understood how things work.

1. Using MummGGTool, locate the fonts. These are positioned at various widths, heights, and offsets depending on the letter. Right-click to save the image as a .png file.

2. Load the .png file into Photoshop:

  • Each letter must be processed separately due to their varying positions.
  • I used "Comic Sans MS," the closest font to the original.
  • It's recommended to duplicate the original layer for each file to safeguard against errors.

3.Follow these steps for each letter:

   3.1. Write the target letter (e.g., "Ť") and place it over the original letter (e.g., "Ë"). Adjust the size and color to match the original, ensuring the new letter fits within the boundaries.

3.2. Remove the old letter:

  • Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select the letter.
  • Right-click and choose Fill > Content: Color, then fill with black.
  • It is extremely important to select within the letter to avoid ruining the font.



4. Save the edited image as a .png file.

5. Return to MummGGTool and double-click the image to load the new .png file.

Note: Some letters may be misaligned after editing. To adjust, reload the font into MummGGTool > extact image, use Photoshop to select the problematic letter, and use the "Free Transform" option to reposition it.

This tutorial aims to assist those who wish to translate the game but encounter font issues within bs1dc.exe.
For more information on the font issues and how to re-import them into bs1dc.exe, click here.
For game translation details, click here.

Additionally, I made an edit of the Czech letters that he needed and sent the necessary to the author via private messages.

End result: Czechfinished.jpg.737e8ad23ada0cbc36067d64ade798bb.jpg

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